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Retrouvez ici toutes les informations sur les évènements en cours et à venir : Congrès, Conférences, Colloques, Séminaires...

Mai 2015
05/05/2015  -   08/05/2015 CONTROL  Stuttgart

The CONTROL international trade fair for quality assurance will present internationally unique offerings and forward-looking supplementary events.

10/05/2015  -   15/05/2015 CLEO San Jose

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) - QUELS Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference

11/05/2015  -   13/05/2015 EOS Topical Meeting on Blue Photonics® - Optics in the Sea Barcelone

This EOS Topical Meeting on Blue Photonics® - Optics in the Sea will provide a major international forum for the discussion of marine optics and its applications. Its aims are to review recent progress in the field, to promote the formation of a community of scientist and engineers working in related areas, and to stimulate the interdisciplinary collaboration required to meet the rapidly developing challenges of the future.

18/05/2015  -   21/05/2015 MAM & IITC Grenoble

the International Interconnect Technology Conference (IITC) will be held in conjunction with the Materials for Advanced Metallization (MAM) Conference. The conference attracts professionals from industry, academia, and national laboratories in semiconductor processing, interconnect design, and equipment development.

19/05/2015  -   21/05/2015 SENSOR+TEST Nuremberg

SENSOR+TEST is the leading forum for sensorics, measuring and testing technologies worldwide.

21/05/2015  -   21/05/2015 Journée Thématique ORA - Applications Innovantes de la Lumière Lyon

Le pôle ORA organise une journée d'étude sur le thème Applications Innovantes de la Lumière

23/05/2015  -   26/05/2015 IPAC Rio de Janeiro

The IPA holds a biennial world congress, when physicians, scientists and commercial partners gather to share new ideas, research findings and new discoveries in the field of Photodynamic medicine, technology and applications.

28/05/2015  -   28/05/2015 FORUM5i Grenoble

Le Forum 5I (Innovation, Inclusion, Industrie, Investissement, International) est le salon dédié à l'Internet des objets et à l'intelligence distribuée

28/05/2015  -   29/05/2015 Photonics21 Annual Meeting Bruxelles

The event will provide you latest information on the new Framework Programme Horizon2020 and the further development towards a Photonics Public Private Partnership. Another major highlight will be the publication of the photonics strategic roadmap. In addition to this the Photonics21 Annual Meeting 2013 provides you the opportunity to meet and network with your colleagues of the European photonics community.

Juin 2015
01/06/2015  -   05/06/2015 CIP Saint-Etienne

CIP - International Colloquium on Plasma Processes - cover the whole area of plasma processes from fundamentals to applications. The aim of the conference is to feature the latest developments, recent issues and challenges for plasma processes in various industrial fields, such as: microelectronics, micro-nanotechnology, energy and environmental technology, the life sciences and plasma medicine.

02/06/2015  -   04/06/2015 LUMIVILLE Lyon

Le salon LUMIVILLE est le salon international de l'éclairage public, éclairage extérieur et de la mise en lumière.

03/06/2015  -   04/06/2015 Photonics Event Veldhoven

The Photonics Event establishes a bridge between the research world and business, it is the link between new technologies and innovative applications in the photonics industry.

03/06/2015  -   04/06/2015 SVTM Saint-Etienne

SVTM - Salon du Vide et des Traitements des Matériaux est le rendez-vous majeur pour toutes les industries des technologies du vide et des traitements des matériaux : utilisateurs, prescripteurs, constructeurs, équipementiers, prestataires de services, formation, enseignement , recherche...

04/06/2015  -   05/06/2015 INTERSURFACES Saint Etienne

Le Congrès leader en Europe sur les traitements de surfaces High Tech

04/06/2015  -   04/06/2015 Journée Thématique ORA - Photonique et Pratiques Médicales Saint-Etienne

Le pôle ORA organise une journée d'étude sur le thème Photonique et Pratiques Médicales

09/06/2015  -   11/06/2015 Photonics North Ottawa

Photonics North is an international conference and exhibition on applications of photonic technology. An international audience of potential customers, world-renowned scientists and current suppliers meets with representatives from numerous innovative photonics companies, government departments and research organizations from around the world.

11/06/2015  -   13/06/2015 EMVA Athenes

The European Machine Vision Business Conference EMVA is an International platform for networking and business intelligence. Where machine vision business leaders meet.

17/06/2015  -   18/06/2015 Journées LIBS Paris

Les 'Journées LIBS' sont devenues un événement incontournable et une occasion privilégiée de rencontre et d'échange des communautés scientifique et technologique françaises travaillant en recherche et en développement pour la technique 'Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)'.

21/06/2015  -   26/06/2015 ETOPIM Neveh Ilan

International Conference on Theoretical and Experimental topics in the field of Electrical, Transport and Optical Properties of Inhomogeneous Media

21/06/2015  -   25/06/2015 WORLD OF PHOTONICS CONGRESS Munich

The WORLD OF PHOTONICS CONGRESS is the leading international congress for optical technologies in Europe and one of the Top 3 congresses of its kind worldwide. EOS will be present with two conferences: OPTOFLUIDICS and MANUFACTURING OF OPTICAL COMPONENTS! World of Photonics Congress is held in conjunction with LASER World of PHOTONICS, the international trade fair for optical technologies including components, systems and applications, so there is an intense exchange between the scientific and industrial sectors.

22/06/2015  -   25/06/2015 LASER World of PHOTONICS Munich

The world’s leading trade fair for optical technologies and the World of Photonics Congress jointly bring the international leaders in the photonics industry together in Munich every two years. The Congress will start one day before the trade fair. Experts from research, industry and different application areas will discuss the major challenges of the twenty-first century – energy, the environment and health – from the viewpoint of optical technologies and will present the latest trends.

24/06/2015  -   25/06/2015 LETI DAYS Grenoble

Themes for this year’s gathering include Internet of Things-augmented mobility, and Leti’s technological breakthroughs in silicon technologies, sensors, telecommunications, power management in wearable systems, health applications, the transport market up to the factory and cities of the future. The focus will be on how to bring increases in performance, efficiency and security to these fields and markets.

28/06/2015  -   01/07/2015 IV2015 Seoul

THE INTELLIGENT VEHICLES SYMPOSIUM (IV2015) is a premier annual forum sponsored by the IEEE INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS SOCIETY (ITSS). Researchers, practitioners, and students from universities, industry, and government agencies are invited to present their latest works and to discuss research and applications for Intelligent Vehicles and Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperation. The technical presentations are characterized by a single oral session and multiple poster sessions where all attendees can exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere. Tutorials will be offered on the first day followed by three days of presentations and a vehicle demonstration day. An exhibition area will be available for the presentation of products and projects.

29/06/2015  -   02/07/2015 ETOP Talence

Education and Training in Optics and Photonics Conference, ETOP is a biennial conference that brings together educators from around the world to share information about the practice of teaching optics at all levels. The teaching of optics and photonics, critical fields at the core of today's world-wide technological infrastructure, must continually be upgraded and renewed in order to meet the growing demands of research, science and industry.

Juillet 2015
01/07/2015  -   03/07/2015 INNOROBO Lyon

INNO-ROBO constitue l’unique opportunité en Europe de rencontrer, dans un même lieu, l’ensemble des acteurs internationaux de la robotique, qu’ils soient issus de la Recherche et Développement, du Design, de l’Industrie, des Nouvelles Technologies.

01/07/2015  -   03/07/2015 JNES Perpignan

Le CNRS, via la Fédération d'Énergie Solaire "FédEsol" et le Pôle de compétitivité DERBI (Développement des Énergies Renouvelables dans le Bâtiment et l’Industrie) renouvellent leur collaboration pour accueillir conjointement les Journées Nationales sur l'Énergie Solaire, "Congrès JNES 2015" et la Conférence Internationale DERBI 2015.
Le jumelage de ces deux manifestations permettra à nouveau d'offrir, à la communauté nationale travaillant dans le domaine de l'utilisation et de l'exploitation rationnelle de l'énergie solaire, un lieu d'informations et d'échanges sur l'ensemble des thématiques de la filière avec une forte interaction entre les communautés scientifiques et industrielles.

06/07/2015  -   08/07/2015 ICTON Budapest

The International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON) is concentrated on the applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in telecommunications,computing and novel applications

06/07/2015  -   09/07/2015 OPTIQUE Bretagne Rennes

Le Congrés OPTIQUE Bretagne est la réunion de quatre grandes manifestations de l’Optique et de la Photonique organisé par la Société Française d’Optique (SFO) :

  • COLOQ : Colloque sur les Lasers et l’Optique Quantique
  • HORIZONS de l’Optique
  • JRIOA : Journées Recherche Industrie de l’Optique Adaptative
  • JNOG : Journées Nationales de l’Optique Guidée
  • JNCO : Journées nanocristaux pour l'optique

Aout 2015
09/08/2015  -   13/08/2015 SIGGRAPH Los Angeles

The annual SIGGRAPH conference is a five-day interdisciplinary educational experience in the latest computer graphics and interactive techniques including a three-day commercial exhibition that attracts hundreds of exhibitors from around the world.

09/08/2015  -   13/08/2015 SPIE Optics & Photonics San Diego

the latest trends and commercial developments in optical engineering, remote sensing, materials and devices, signal and image processing, illumination engineering, nanotechnology, X-ray optical technologies, and more

Septembre 2015
02/09/2015  -   05/09/2015 CIOE Shenzhen

The China International Optoelectronic Exposition, CIOE, is a worldwide renowned exhibition, which presents the most advanced optoelectronic technologies and innovations.

21/09/2015  -   23/09/2015 EuroDisplay Ghent

Eurodisplay, the ideal place for networking between all people involved in display related research and development. The conference will be a mixture of presentations by academia and industry, and a showcase of new display technologies during the exhibition.

21/09/2015  -   24/09/2015 SPIE Remote Sensing Toulouse

SPIE Remote Sensing is an important European conference focused on giving international researchers and scientists access to the most recent satellite-based imaging systems and the data generated by them, as well as a way to share that information with peers within science, government, and industry while furthering that impact world- wide.

22/09/2015  -   24/09/2015 ENOVA Paris

Enova est l'événement de l'innovation pour la recherche et l'industrie des technologies en électronique, mesure, vision et optique

22/09/2015  -   25/09/2015 EUROMOLD Düsseldorf

Salon européen du moulage et de l'outillage, du design et du développement d'applications

22/09/2015  -   24/09/2015 LPS Bregenz

LpS - LED professional Symposium is Europe’s foremost LED & OLED lighting technology event for people in industry and research who are involved in the design and engineering for future LED lighting systems in the fields of general, industrial and architectural lighting.

23/09/2015  -   24/09/2015 Espace Laser Lyon

ESPACE LASER devient le premier salon des Nouvelles Techniques de Fabrication et des technologies de pointe appliquées aux matériaux : Laser, plasma, cold spray, implantation ionique, procédés CMT, PTA, électrospinning ...

28/09/2015  -   30/09/2015 ECOC Valencia

ECOC est le plus grand salon Européen de l'optique, de la fibre optique et des télécoms.

28/09/2015  -   02/10/2015 OFS Curitiba

The International Conference on 'Optical Fibre Sensors', OFS, is acknowledged as the world's leading conference on all topics related to photonic sensing technologies

Octobre 2015
01/10/2015  -   01/10/2015 J-ROP Saint-Etienne

La J-ROP, Journée Régionale de L'Optique Photonique est l'événement annuel de référence des acteurs économiques régionaux de l’optique et de la photonique. Tous les acteurs de cette communauté provenant d’horizons très divers (éclairage, métrologie, énergie, imagerie, systèmes laser, transmission de l’information…) sont invités par le pôle ORA à se rencontrer, à cette occasion, pour échanger et partager dans un esprit convivial dans le but d’innover et construire ensemble.
Les points forts de cette journée :

  • un cycle de conférences thématiques abordées par des experts mettant en avant des compétences sur laquelle la région Rhône Alpes se positionne comme Leader
  • la présentation de posters des startups régionales
  • la remise du Prix de l'Innovation en Optique/Photonique en Rhône-Alpes
  • une table ronde

06/10/2015  -   08/10/2015 SEMICON Europa Dresden

Salon international de l'équipement et des matériaux pour les semi-conducteurs

08/10/2015  -   08/10/2015 Journée Thématique ORA - Photonique et Contrôle Qualité de surfaces Saint Etienne

Le pôle ORA organise une journée d'étude sur le thème Photonique et Contrôle Qualité de surfaces

Vous souhaitez proposer des sujets d’intervention ou être partie prenante à la mise en place de l’une de ces journées ! N’hésitez pas à prendre contact avec nous !

14/10/2015  -   14/10/2015 PHOTONEX Conventry

PHOTONEX is the UK’s largest exhibition that brings together industry and research to source the latest components, instruments and equipment, to develop business relationships and to research solutions and examine applications for photonics and technology for manufacturing.

17/10/2015  -   21/10/2015 Neuroscience Chicago

SfN's annual meeting is the premier venue for neuroscientists to present emerging science, learn from experts, forge collaborations with peers, explore new tools and technologies, and advance careers. 

18/10/2015  -   22/10/2015 FIO/LS San Jose

FiO/LS unite the OSA and American Physical Society (APS) communities for five days of quality, cutting-edge presentations, fascinating invited speakers and a variety of special events. These meetings focus on timely topics in optical science and engineering and provide a place for members to exchange ideas and to expand their network of colleagues in both academia and industry.

18/10/2015  -   22/10/2015 ICALEO Atlanta

The International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO®) is the conference where researchers and end-users meet to review the state-of-the art in laser materials processing and predict where the future will lead. From its inception, ICALEO has been devoted to the field of laser materials processing and is viewed as the premier source of technical information in the field.

20/10/2015  -   22/10/2015 ICT Innovate, Connect, Transform Lisbonne

ICT is a unique opportunity for projects and companies to showcase their research, ICT products and innovative creations.

Novembre 2015
16/11/2015  -   20/11/2015 CMOI Pleumeur-Bodou

Colloque international francophone sur les Méthodes et Techniques Optiques pour l'Industrie

18/11/2015  -   19/11/2015 Les Rendez-vous CARNOT Paris

Les Rendez-vous Carnot sont une convention d’affaires permettant la rencontre directe entre un partenaire économique confronté à une problématique de R&D et un laboratoire de recherche susceptible de proposer une réponse aux besoins exprimés. Le pôle ORA participera en qualité d'exposant à cet événement.

19/11/2015  -   19/11/2015 Journée Thématique ORA - Photonique et Gestion des risques en Montagne Chambery

Le pôle ORA organise une journée d'étude sur le thème Photonique et Gestion des risques en Montagne

Vous souhaitez proposer des sujets d’intervention ou être partie prenante à la mise en place de l’une de ces journées ! N’hésitez pas à prendre contact avec nous !

Décembre 2015
07/12/2015  -   08/12/2015 FORUMLED EUROPE Lyon

Forum LED est le colloque-expo français entièrement dédié à la technologie des LED : Éclairage, affichage, signalisation, applications mobiles et embarquées, équipements industriels et médicaux...

Mai 2016
10/05/2016  -   13/05/2016 ANALYTICA Munich

Analytica is your specialty exhibition for marketable products and complete solutions for industrial and research laboratories

Juillet 2016
11/07/2016  -   15/07/2016 EUROEM Londres

EUROEM is the European Conference and Exhibition on Electromagnetics. It will bring together:

  • the 18th High Power Electromagnetics Conference
  • the 11th Ultra-wideband, Short-pulse Electromagnetics Conference
  • The 11th Unexploded Ordnance Detection and Range Remediation Conference

Novembre 2016
08/11/2016  -   10/11/2016 VISION Stuttgart

VISION, the world's leading machine vision trade fair, is not just the marketplace for component manufacturers, it is also a platform for system suppliers and integrators. VISION is where OEMs, mechanical engineering companies and system houses learn about the latest innovations from the world of machine vision components, and where they initiate their investments. At the same time it is where end users searching for specific machine vision solutions meet numerous system integrators.

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